What is the Virtual Beret?

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Harmony Deco

“Harmony Deco” by Holly P.

Harmony Deco is one of those unfortunate souls who never really reached her true potential due to her inability to focus and commit to one passion.  As both a gifted artist and accomplished musician, Harmony was offered scholarships to both Juilliard and Rhode Island School of Design, but she agonized over the choice and ended up going to neither.  She eventually found peace by combining her talents.

Now Harmony designs unique interactive art pieces that create musical sounds when touched or blown.  She uses a variety of materials like copper, smooth wood and glass.  Her most popular pieces are mobiles made of hanging chains.  When blown by the wind or stroked, the chains make an eerie rattling sound, that make them perfect for Halloween décor.  Harmony sells her creations at local festivals and farmers’ markets.  She is easy to spot since she always wears a black bowler hat like the ones worn by her all-time favorite composer, Giacomo Puccini.

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Myss Story

“Myss Story” by Erin T.

Myss Story is an artist who dabbles in many mediums.  She is drawn to stories, her own, her family’s, her friend’s, just any stories.  She initially enjoys transforming these experiences into stories or poetry to be shared with others.  Often she finds while developing these stories in written or oral form, she is also visualizing it.  Mixed media is often her go to medium, whether it be on canvas or in a journal…she loves playing with paint, paper scraps, pens, ink, etc.

Initially, Myss Story did this as a form of therapy.  She began to learn so much about herself and others she loved through storytelling, poetry, and painting but has recently considered sharing her work with others.  She’s not clear how that will come to be but she feels a need to share her work with others.

Myss Story’s beret is beautiful.  It’s multi-colored but a bit tattered.  It was handed down from her Grandmother and holds sentimental value.  She finds inspiration from her beret.  In moments where she lacks inspiration, she is able to find it in the texture of the knit wool yarn, and can duplicate that on a canvas.  The scent of her grandmother makes her think back to the stories of her childhood and the way the beret gives her confidence by simply sitting upon her head is like the simple words of a poem upon paper.


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Ocean Aire

“Ocean Aire” by Tracy A.

Ocean Aire is a Nature Artist out of Forks, Washington and is currently living in Zion National Park, Utah.   The only thing Ocean wants to do is create art that interests other nature activists, captures an audience that enjoys the world as much as she does, and encourages others to protect wildlife.  She credits Professor Environ Ment helping her find a way to make a living doing what she loves.  She discovered her passion in his College Art course, was taken under his wing, and became her mentor.

Miss Aire enjoys celebrating life and the natural world.  She is dedicated to wildlife and habitat conservation and expresses this through her art.  She loves creating pieces of art through pastels, oils, and watercolors using intimate details and intense color to bring her images to life.  Although, she paints and draws a variety of subjects in nature her favorites to create are butterflies and dragonflies.  Ocean appreciates the animals’ beauty and their interactions within the environment.  Her works of art are inspirational, a reflection of her strong beliefs, and very comforting.

Ocean Aire wears a Beret that displays pieces of nature, butterflies, dragonflies, and other magical gifts that nature has to provide.  She wears it with pride daily to remind others that nature needs our love and protection.

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Water Artist

Water Artist by Alison P. My artist is a eldery woman and loves to be by the water. She paints murals that take place underwater. Her favorite thing to paint is the deepest part of the ocean where most people have never been. She researches information of species that live in the depths of the […]

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Bruno Blimpo

“Bruno Blimpo” by Randal L. Bruno Blimpo is a European artist educated at the Bauhaus and known for his work in the field of Lighter Than Air Art, a term which he is credited with creating. It had even been rumored that he had slapped one of his professors at Bauhaus after the “old geezer” […]

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“Charlie” by Kelli D. My artists name is Charlie and he photographs people in motion. Charlie is passinate about capturing movement in photographs and loves to be active in his spare time. His art is beautifully done and can be seen in a compliation of pictures that encompass any and all forms of human movement, […]

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Goss Amirre

“Goss Amirre” by Vicki Foster Goss Amirre is a master of the lost art of mist knitting. She wears her rainbow beret to illuminate her path and her heart as she gathers the mists of the world. She blends and spins them into delicate threads. She uses the iridescent yarn to create shawls that protect […]

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“Temp” by Cynthia G. My artist hales from the Emerald Isle.  She spent many years fighting the gales and becoming frustrated as Mother Nature would destroy her art mid-process. Several of her watercolor canvases are now somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea, or Celtic Sea, either gracing the depths or perhaps acting as a […]

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Kit Chen

Kit Chen by Janet P. I would like to introduce Kit Chen. Kit is a multi-talented artist who enjoys creating art from the fruits and vegetables of the earth. Kit can transform a fruit bowl or garden harvest into sculptured fantasies. She has an eye for color and food combining, striving to create a colorful […]

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“Jomo” by Julie A. Jomo is a builder of sandcastles. She arrives on the beach in the early morning to scope out the perfect spot for her magical creation. She collects shells and sticks and glass to exemplify her castles. She fortifies the walls with driftwood and spends many hours perfecting the turrets, windows and […]

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