Alistair Melmouth

Alistair Melmouth

Alistair Melmouth is a Malayan Tapir. His only living relatives are rhinoceroses and horses, so he is frequently less than perfectly happy. This is reflected in his work.

Alistair works in a variety of media, including tropical vegetation and riverine silt. He creates complex assemblage pieces both external and internal to his physical body. He has yet to have his first major one-tapir show, though he has participated in 3 well received group shows in Sulawesi, Jakarta, and Brussels.

Alistair has had an edible twig affixed to his forehead irrevocably and inexplicably for the past decade. For our purposes, it may be considered a beret.

Submitted at Mobius Artrages party by Ethan Golden on Saturday, November 21, 1998


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