Astronomical Cool Rhyme by Sharese P.

What kind of artwork does your Virtual Artist do?

Musical compositions of an energetic nature…

In other words, Astronomical Cool Rhyme (otherwise known as ACR) takes
energy from the souls of living beings around her to create music that
can be played from her spirit at once.

As ACR vacuums the energy, she expels melody and harmonies that are
parallel to moods, thoughts and characteristics of people, animals,
plants and environmental settings that expel living (or deathly)

Astronomical Cool Rhyme wears a beret made from the serenity blacks
and whites of the Ying/Yang symbol.

Colors of a rainbow prism beam from the beret to represent energies
from the universe.

Tell us about you! Where are you posting your Virtual Artist from?

From the great mind of “Grape-a-lious” (The laptop) and the future
Mrs. P-B chillin to “Like it Like That”—A Tribe Called Quest.

~Big love to the Dorchester County Library for awesome Wi-Fi!


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