Bruce Casey

the artist

Bruce Casey is an independent writer /director of mind altering film and video. A one time director of psychological warfare for NSA Black Operations, he became bored with, and eventually morally opposed to using public money to destabalize small governments and manipulate the media. He took an early retirement, at the age of 29, and decided to manipulate the public’s perception of life, media and reality, with money stolen from people who need to be deprived of it. Namely makers of land mines, cheaply constructed childrens toys, the producers of “The Real World”, and anyone who uses the phrase “say that in English” when English is the language being referred to.

the art


  • Why you’ll watch this and like it- answers to the questions you don’t want answers to.
  • The Burning Bed II: Ken and Barbie get ready to rumble.
  • A night without tears: The demise of the WB’s friday night line up.
  • Morality: Convenient excuses for behaving contrary to human nature.
  • Extra Firm: Revenge of the tofu.
  • I like meat and you should to.
  • Fascist liberals and heartless conservatives, a love story.
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle 2: Agent Squirrel a’larange, and chocolate moose.

Video art: An installation which was discontinued by the Boston BOH after reports of bleeding from the eyes and ears. No further details available.

the beret

He wears a black beret. It is embroidered with the coyote, symbol and manifestation of the native american trickster.

Virtual Beret rocks the Net!!!

Submitted by Wil Tracy, on Saturday, September 9, 2000, from Brockton, MA


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