Helical Orbitus

the artist

Her name is Helical Orbitus. She has wild red hair and only wears clothing drenched in stars and moons.

the art

Ms. Orbitus has created a model solar system, which duals as a jungle gym for children. The model is constructed over a 100-acre area of green fields. Looking at the creation, you will see a little boy sliding around the ring of Saturn. Another child slides down the pole which is the earth’s axis. The enormous sun duals as a gigantic ball pit which holds millions of soft ball for children to jump in and throw around. If you were to fly over this piece of artwork, you would be astounded by the vivid colors, precise distances between the planets and the overall perfection of this model. One would barely notice the tiny dots of children swarming the universe.

the beret

Ms. Orbitus circles her artwork wearing her signature beret. She calls it the black hole, though no one is quite sure what it looks like.

Submitted by Charisse Loder, on Thursday, March 1, 2001, from NY


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