“Jomo” by Julie A.

Jomo is a builder of sandcastles. She arrives on the beach in the early morning to scope out the perfect spot for her magical creation. She collects shells and sticks and glass to exemplify her castles. She fortifies the walls with driftwood and spends many hours perfecting the turrets, windows and doors. She sees in her mind the knights, princesses and peasants residing in her creation. She just finishes her sand sculpture as the tide sweeps in, and as the waves sweep her castle away, she looks forward to dawn so that she can create and build a new and different castle again.

Jomo wears a beret of driftwood, aged by the sea. It is painted a vibrant blue-green. Hanging from her driftwood hat are shells from various sea-creatures that clink together as she moves her head this way and the. The sound of the shells is the sound of the sea.


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