Kit Chen

Kit Chen by Janet P.

I would like to introduce Kit Chen. Kit is a multi-talented artist who enjoys creating art from the fruits and vegetables of the earth. Kit can transform a fruit bowl or garden harvest into sculptured fantasies. She has an eye for color and food combining, striving to create a colorful  pa-late rich in flavor and style.

Kit wears a beret of culinary tools, a portable kitchen wherever she goes, as she is wont to begin sculpting at the very moment of inspiration. Her beret is a shiny tall rack of hooks mounted on a wheel which spins for easy access, propped atop her head. The rack sits securely on a shiny silver pillow, from which a mirror descends to help Kit locate the desired tool. Kit feels a kinship with the elk, admiring its grace traveling through the forest, negotiating his antlers. (Kit generally avoids climbing trees and hiking in dense forests). She enjoys the wind chimes of her tools as she travels, music calling to her imagination. Kit works with reckless abandon, ignoring conventions of time of day or season of the year. Lucky is the one who meets her at inspiration point!


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