Ocean Aire

“Ocean Aire” by Tracy A.

Ocean Aire is a Nature Artist out of Forks, Washington and is currently living in Zion National Park, Utah.   The only thing Ocean wants to do is create art that interests other nature activists, captures an audience that enjoys the world as much as she does, and encourages others to protect wildlife.  She credits Professor Environ Ment helping her find a way to make a living doing what she loves.  She discovered her passion in his College Art course, was taken under his wing, and became her mentor.

Miss Aire enjoys celebrating life and the natural world.  She is dedicated to wildlife and habitat conservation and expresses this through her art.  She loves creating pieces of art through pastels, oils, and watercolors using intimate details and intense color to bring her images to life.  Although, she paints and draws a variety of subjects in nature her favorites to create are butterflies and dragonflies.  Ocean appreciates the animals’ beauty and their interactions within the environment.  Her works of art are inspirational, a reflection of her strong beliefs, and very comforting.

Ocean Aire wears a Beret that displays pieces of nature, butterflies, dragonflies, and other magical gifts that nature has to provide.  She wears it with pride daily to remind others that nature needs our love and protection.


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