the artist

Pedro is fifty-three years old and lives in rural France. He has been painting for over forty-five years and has been famous for almost thirty. He lives alone in a two room cabin and paints nearly every minute of the day. Many claim that Pedro is conceded and is a braggart, but no one can deny that he has unprecedented talent. He has won thousands of awards and is extremely wealthy from selling many of his paintings. He is not married because he feels that having a family would interfere with his career.

the art

Pedro creates only the most sophisticated art. All of his pieces are painted on a white canvas which is at least five square feet in size. He uses only one color on each painting. He often does not paint the entire canvas and therefore leaves areas of white showing. Pedro paints straight lines throughout the canvas and never has any curves or angles that are not 90 degrees in any of his pieces. His art has won many awards because of its profound meanings and unparalleled beauty. Pedro’s most famous artwork is an entirely red canvas.

the beret

Pedro wears berets that have a very traditional style and fit. He has dozens of them, but each has its own color. He tends to wear the beret that has the same color as the painting that he is currently working on.

Submitted by Dan, on Sunday, March 25, 2001, from Ithaca, NY, USA


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