The Architect

the artist

They call him “The Architect”, a one-man Lego building machine. His curly hair, playful smile makes him look like a 40-year-old child. A Lego fanatic as a child, he seems to have never lost his love for the many colors and possibilities of the simple Lego. Living in the only house ever created solely by Legos, Nathaniel Simmons aka “The Architect” sleeps, eats, and breathes Legos.

the art

Nathaniel recreates many amazing occurrences, scenes, and visions with his only tool the Lego. Not only has he recreated all major landmarks, such as the Empire State building, the Eiffel Tower, etc. He also, has recreated many famous paintings in a 3D Lego version. His most noteworthy creation is his 3D Mona Lisa. He captured the true essence of the painting with mere Legos. Also, he has created numerous snapshots of history. The Lego version of the Battle at Gettysburg is my personal favorite.

the beret

Nathaniel’s beret is made of Legos of course. A multi-colored beret, each Lego block has the name of a scene, painting, or landmark he has reproduced. His beret grows larger by the day, and “The Architect” is one of the most funniest and creative guys alive.

Submitted by Binoy on Monday, February 26, 2001, from ithaca, ny, usa


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