the artist

Anti is a disgruntled old artist, most famous for his work done in the 1940s. He does not understand the new age and modern art practiced by today’s young artists. Anti practices intolerance and revels in the virtue of antiquity. He blames technology for the absence of creativity and ingenuity found in modern art.

the art

Anti seeks to revive the world’s art by inspiring retired artists out of retirement. He will accomplish this by creating new canvases for old artists to work on. Today, Anti’s art consists of painting every potential canvas white. Sidewalks, buildngs, and streets in Anti’s neighborhood have already been painted white and well-known 20th century artists can be seen painting them. His only supplies are a paint brush and white paint.

the beret

Anti’s beret is of course white and serves as his supply holder. Because he cannot do his art at home, Anti’s paint brush and white paint are fastened to his beret.

Submitted by Casey on Wednesday, April 25, 2001, from Ithaca, NY


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