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Submitted at Mobius Artrages party by Matt on Saturday, November 21, 1998.

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The Artwork of Caplan is Questionable. The beret is yellow.

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Lydia was an exotic French Dancer who was known under the Streets of Grand Paris!

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Caera Clancy

Caera Clancy is a painter residing in Seattle Washington. She was born 25 years ago in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The day she was born, her father Sean was gunned down in an alley outside their home. Her mother, Theresa brought her to the United States when she was twelve years old which wasn’t early enough […]

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Sydney Davenport

  the artist okay, here i am, as myself, a mid-aged woman sitting in a home studio in walnut creek, ca. I am a commercial artist producing art that is supposed to be sold for commercial purposes. unlike real life, i not only have an unlimited monetary budget; i have unlimited time for research, learning […]

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The CyberSculptor

The CyberSculptor is a wizard. By this, we mean that s/he has mastered a set of tools (gestures, spoken spells, etc.) which allows cyberspace to be directly manipulated. Manipulating cyberspace means being able to control perceived reality, which is as close to true magic as well will ever likely to see.

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