the artist

Bage is a 34 year old artist who resides in New York City. She owns a small studio apartment in which she creates exceptional pieces created from recycled goods. Her location, 20 minutes out of New Jersey, allows her to shop for “new materials” frequently in the landfills and junkyards. She truly feels that one mans waste is another mans fortune.

the art

After years of hearing about saving the earth from her environmentalist father, a vegan man who didn’t drive cars or use anything that was not recycled, Bage became an artist. Following in her father’s footsteps she used her art to convey the idea about ones efforts to save the world. Through her brilliant pieces, Bage uses any sort of garbage, wasted materials, any sort of junk and reuses it in a masterpiece.

the beret

Bage’s Beret is an old fishing cap that she found at a garage sale. Hanging off are numerous paintbrushes, ropes, and interesting things that she has found on her latest trips to the junkyard. The junkyard is her own personal art supply store.

Submitted by sara, on Tuesday, February 27, 2001, from Ithaca, NY


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