Harmony Deco

“Harmony Deco” by Holly P.

Harmony Deco is one of those unfortunate souls who never really reached her true potential due to her inability to focus and commit to one passion.  As both a gifted artist and accomplished musician, Harmony was offered scholarships to both Juilliard and Rhode Island School of Design, but she agonized over the choice and ended up going to neither.  She eventually found peace by combining her talents.

Now Harmony designs unique interactive art pieces that create musical sounds when touched or blown.  She uses a variety of materials like copper, smooth wood and glass.  Her most popular pieces are mobiles made of hanging chains.  When blown by the wind or stroked, the chains make an eerie rattling sound, that make them perfect for Halloween décor.  Harmony sells her creations at local festivals and farmers’ markets.  She is easy to spot since she always wears a black bowler hat like the ones worn by her all-time favorite composer, Giacomo Puccini.


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