Myss Story

“Myss Story” by Erin T.

Myss Story is an artist who dabbles in many mediums.  She is drawn to stories, her own, her family’s, her friend’s, just any stories.  She initially enjoys transforming these experiences into stories or poetry to be shared with others.  Often she finds while developing these stories in written or oral form, she is also visualizing it.  Mixed media is often her go to medium, whether it be on canvas or in a journal…she loves playing with paint, paper scraps, pens, ink, etc.

Initially, Myss Story did this as a form of therapy.  She began to learn so much about herself and others she loved through storytelling, poetry, and painting but has recently considered sharing her work with others.  She’s not clear how that will come to be but she feels a need to share her work with others.

Myss Story’s beret is beautiful.  It’s multi-colored but a bit tattered.  It was handed down from her Grandmother and holds sentimental value.  She finds inspiration from her beret.  In moments where she lacks inspiration, she is able to find it in the texture of the knit wool yarn, and can duplicate that on a canvas.  The scent of her grandmother makes her think back to the stories of her childhood and the way the beret gives her confidence by simply sitting upon her head is like the simple words of a poem upon paper.



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