Sydney Davenport


the artist

okay, here i am, as myself, a mid-aged woman sitting in a home studio in walnut creek, ca. I am a commercial artist producing art that is supposed to be sold for commercial purposes. unlike real life, i not only have an unlimited monetary budget; i have unlimited time for research, learning new applications, marketing, and producing the final art.

the art

the art is sometimes full color and sometimes one or two color collage combining illustration, photography, bits of poetry and prose by myself and my friends in subtle colors of nature combined with muted metallics. The finished art can be reproduced for printing and used in publishing various media. It is also interactive so that double clicking the various parts of the collages will bring up each subject in further depth to a number of levels. Also, the user will be able to edit the files to turn them into their own personal collage.

the beret

this hat is comfortable and is the color of wind and sky. it can be worn whenever i am working or thinking or dreaming or meditating. the brim doesn’t get in the way when i lean back. it protects and challenges. sometimes it feels like the wind before the storm. (i think that means it produces negative ions.)

Submitted by Sidney Davenport, Planet BMUG, on Monday, April 4, 1994


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