“Temp” by Cynthia G.

My artist hales from the Emerald Isle.  She spent many years fighting the gales and becoming frustrated as Mother Nature would destroy her art mid-process. Several of her watercolor canvases are now somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea, or Celtic Sea, either gracing the depths or perhaps acting as a raft for a wayward soul. Just when she was fed up and going to go back to school for some retraining, Temp had an epiphany.  She was going to use items in nature and make art that was meant to be temporary.  She would scour the shoreline and fields, mysteriously building art for all to see from twigs and driftwood, rocks and flowers.  Anything available at the time, knowing that it would only last through photographs and memories.  Words of these mysterious outcroppings of art spread far and wide. People began to come to Ireland on the off chance they would encounter one of Temp’s works.  She became somewhat of a modern legend.  Although she has resigned herself to commissioning coffee table books of her transient art to survive financially, Temp enjoys creating whatever the moment will bring.

Temp wears a berets made of moss with this and that embedded.  Of course, she changes out the temporary trinkets she finds, but the moisture in the air keeps the moss verdant.  She does travel with her beret, spreading the word of her art.  Unfortunately, she needs to create a new beret occasionally as she travels near and far. The first time this happened, she had holidayed in the deserts of Egypt and lost her beret in a sandstorm.  Another time, she lost her hat while basejumping in Foresthill, California.  She appreciates not being concerned about her beret as an environmental hazard, as everything is from nature.  Sometimes people give her found objects that she treasures for the moment.

Temp has become quite spontaneous in her life through her artist process.


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